So we’ve made a…

So we've made a decision -- both Bob and Marjorie agree that this is the best photo, as do the majority of y'all (except for poor Jed, who dislikes it mightily). Thanks everyone for voting; it's extremely reassuring to have your opinions in this.

This version is cropped; Marjorie does plan to do it as a typical headshot -- I guessed on the cropping, but she may cut it down even further. But like this, I like. :-)

I'm a little sorry to lose the blue jeans, 'cause I do think that's sort of culturally interesting. But I think it's a cleaner photo with just one color of background (the sari fabric didn't reach all the way to the ground, so we ended up draping two different ones for the original shot), so there are clear advantages to this version.

Note: This is still off the contact sheet, hence the bits of dust and fuzziness.

4 thoughts on “So we’ve made a…”

  1. I’m with Jed, actually. I think it makes you look too serious and I don’t care for pics where the subject is looking away from the Camera.
    Which isn’t to say it isn’t a Nice pic, just not my fav or second fav…

  2. You do look serious, or at least thoughtful, in this picture. But I like that in a writer’s photo. I did not vote, as I like most of the pictures and could not decide on a favorite.

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