Hey, munchkins. So, I…

Hey, munchkins. So, I should be writing, but I'm feeling behind on foundation stuff, so I've been chugging along rather frantically on that. Hopefully writing soon. By 3, if not 2.

On the plus side, I've set up a preliminary sponsorship page for the Kriti festival. It's not linked from the main site yet -- still getting feedback on it. How does it look? Clear enough? I'd love to get some sponsorships from folks this year, before they finish giving all their Christmas tax deductions, so I'm feeling some urgency to get it up soon.

Presents have been odd this year. People keep asking what I want, and I have to say -- "Well, nothing, really." It's the first time in my life where I've been able to look around at all the stuff I have and realize that I really have everything I need. Household stuff, clothes, pretty things, books and music and videos -- we're just very well stocked. I mean, of course, there's other stuff to want. A great academic job, or a huge readership for Bodies in Motion, or a movie option, or a new house. But none of those are really in the Christmas present ballpark, you know? :-)

So I'm thinking that what I'm actually going to do for Christmas this year is ask anyone who wants to give me a present to instead give donations to a group I care about. Which is essentially one of three: Strange Horizons (any amount), the SLF (any amount), or the Kriti Festival (sponsorships start at $100). The latter is the most immediately urgent, but really, I'd be delighted by donations to any of the three. Maybe I'll put this together in more coherent form sometime in the next few weeks, with detailed pleas and links and like. But consider this a preliminary request. And don't forget about those corporate matching funds! :-) I don't remember if we publicized this, but at one point, someone made a $5000 donation to SH, which was matched the following year by their corporation. Very nice!

And I do want to make a separate offer. I lost my Christmas card list in the hard drive crash, so I'm reconstructing from scratch. If you'd like to receive a holiday card from me this year (which if all goes well with my secret plans will be a very special collectible sort of card), please do e-mail me with your name and address. This goes for people who have been receiving cards from me for years as well as those who have never gotten one before. No reciprocation is required -- lots of people aren't card-senders, but I think that shouldn't exclude them from being card receivers. :-)

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