I suppose the universe…

I suppose the universe thought I was getting too happy with all the recent good news -- it's started in with the bad news, just to keep things in perspective. I got the first rejection today, from Rutgers University in Newark. Bummer. They said that my record of publications did not appear commensurate with a tenure track position. There's a little bit of me that wants to wail, "How many books do they expect me to have published??"

But on looking at the position listing again, I note that it said 'rank open', and that they're looking for someone to help lead in developing the graduate MA track. So I'm thinking that they're ideally looking for someone who's been out longer than I have, who has already taught some and may be available at the Associate Professor level, instead of my mere Assistant Professor level. Though perhaps I'm just consoling myself with this train of thought. It's all about the second-guessing at this stage, since I no longer have any control over what happens. Just wait patiently, and try not to give up hope.

Interestingly, I still have an application open at Rutgers - Camden. We'll see what happens.

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