This afternoon, very yum…

This afternoon, very yum lunch at Vermilion with Sapna and Sujata and Rohini (the latter being the owner of Vermilion). They're quite upscale, so I don't know how much of the festival we'll be able to do through them, but whatever we do do will be yummy. If you're in Chicago and on a generous budget, I recommend trying them. And Rohini offered to help us prepare to ask for corporate sponsorship, which would be awfully nice. We learn and progress. Afterwards I ran a few errands (returned a shirt, picked up some frozen bao as backup food since I was in the right neighborhood, found one of Karina's Christmas presents).

Came home and cancelled my cell phone service -- I lost my phone on Friday night. Big nuisance. Don't try to call me. I should be picking up a new phone tomorrow -- with any luck, I can talk them into letting me have the $150 rebate (which I'm not actually due to be eligible for until December). Fingers crossed. Then I started paying bills and going through paperwork.

Gods, there's an amazing amount of paperwork that goes with this whole job hunt. And I'm only applying for about 75 jobs -- Kevin applied for more than 300 when he did his. I can't imagine. Mostly at this point it's returning Office of Equal Opportunity forms. Which, you know, I believe in, in a theoretical sort of sense. I want the government to know that each of these universities did actually consider an Asian-American applicant. But practically, it's a lot of forms. Only 2-3 of the schools had electronic versions. Poor trees.

On the plus side, you remember how last year, I got no love? Just no response at all for months after I applied? This time it's changed. This time, it's school after school asking me for supplementary materials (generally writing samples). And no, I don't actually know that this means I'll be interviewed. It's entirely possible that it'll all come to naught. But it's hard not to get my hopes up. The letters are often addressing me as Professor Mohanraj, which is exhilarating, if not quite accurate yet. But soon, soon -- it'll be oh, so nice to be a professor in truth.

I've been wanting to be a writer and working towards it for quite a while. But I've wanted to be a professor even longer -- pretty much since I started college. That's oh, jeez, fifteen years now? No wonder I can't sleep.

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