Hey, munchkins. I’m…

Hey, munchkins. I'm feeling better -- fell asleep normally last night, after a day where I didn't do any writing, but where I did go through and reorganize several areas of my apartment that had gotten annoyingly cluttered, and also dealt with a mass of small e-mail tasks that I'd been avoiding. I think that stuff had been weighing on the back of my mind; I feel better today. Saner, calmer.

I got in pretty late, but I'm in my cafe now; I'm planning on starting to write around noon, and working for at least two hours. Ideally more. Late afternoon I'll run a few errands and do some laundry, and then this evening, I'm hosting the monthly SAPAC meeting at my house -- my small contribution to progressive politics.

The weather is pleasant -- cool and misty. And my salmon bagel is waiting, along with Francesca Lia Block's Ecstasia and a nice big cup of chai. Life is good.

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