My mother’s birthday…

My mother's birthday is tomorrow -- I sent her the cutest flowers ever, in the shape of a birthday cake. Too adorable not to share. :-) And pretty reasonably priced for delivery flowers, I think.

Still doing organizational work on the festival / DesiLit. Nice e-mails with John Cheng, who works on Asian American Studies at Northwestern; with any luck, he'll be able to come to the meeting tonight. Curry for all!

People keep thanking me for doing all this work, and I suppose it is work, in some sense, but it's also tons of fun. I love creating things, especially when I get to meet and work with all kinds of talented and enthusiastic people. I suppose this is why spec fic fans have been running conventions for so long -- closer to the date, I'm sure it'll be driving me crazy, and I do get a bit fretful even now about money and ticket sales and the like, but mostly right now, it's great fun.

People have been asking me why I'm applying for academic jobs, rather than just writing full-time, since I apparently have a reasonable chance at doing the latter. And I love writing, but I also love working with people and teaching and building organizations and hosting cool events. I'm going to do my best not to have to choose. I like editing too, but I actually think of all of these, it's my least favorite. So if I do get to write and teach and run things more and more, I think you can expect me to edit less and less. Cherish those anthologies of mine you already have. :-)

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