Morning, munchkins. So,…

Morning, munchkins. So, still in catch-up mode here, but I feel like I might actually catch up one day soon. I might even get to read a book again at some point. :-)

The plan for today is to get some groceries and cook dinner for tonight's meeting, clean up the apartment, and try to write for at least four hours. We'll see if that happens.

Kevin left this morning for ten days, so it's going to be quiet here, in theory. In practice, I'm actually blasting my music pretty loud. :-) There are only two good things I can think of about Kevin being away -- that I can play music loud without disturbing his work or sleep, and that I can cook incredibly smelly fish without the smell making him sick. Mackerel curry for dinner tonight! Also coconut sambol, cabbage mallung, fried okra in a yellow curry, uppuma, and a few as yet undecided items. Maybe chili eggs or chana masala, maybe green mango salad or green mango curry. If they have green mangoes at the store.

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