So, my photo shoot is…

So, my photo shoot is rescheduled; Suzette is feeling faint and asked if we could try it tomorrow instead. One accommodates one's photographer when she is several months pregnant. :-) Yesterday's photo was pretty cute, and it's tempting to just say go with that, but aside from any other issues, my publisher asked to see something against a background of sari fabric. Which sounds awfully purty to me, and I want to see it too. So we'll try that tomorrow.

It's raining today, and it's tempting to just stay indoors. But I need to go out and get more groceries -- Alex is coming to stay with us for a few days, and the guys (Michael, Jordan, Todd -- the old math crowd) are coming for dinner and board games on Saturday. Which means food. I'm thinking maybe a simple tomato, chiffonaded basil, fresh mozzarella appetizer, and then a main course of roast chicken over fennel, with sides of sweet potato gnocchi with sage brown butter, and either sauteed spinach with garlic or grilled asparagus. Jordan's bringing bread and Michael's bringing cookies. All yummy. :-) And if I get busy or lazy, I'll just make lasagne instead. But I do like gnocchi, and we have a fair bit of sweet potato to use up.

The main thing to do today is write. I'm supposed to go up to the Bourgeois Pig, but if no one objects, I may just go to Westgate instead (closer). 4000 words today is the goal. We'll see if it happens.

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  1. Mary Anne
    this is amazing news- I’m very pleased for you, and Bob, and your editor etc…etc…etc…
    (somehow your browser isn’t letting me insert this comment with the nest entry where it shoudl be)

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