One of the best…

One of the best times at the convention was the hour or two when Jed and I were ensconced in front of a cheerful fire in the lobby; friends were nearby, but I was having the most fun just talking to him. And a little later, after he'd moved to a chair and joined the party, I made myself comfortable. I do love fires. :-)

It's nice to remember that just a few days ago, I felt so happy. Hard to imagine at the moment.

I've done okay while I've been busy today -- getting groceries, doing laundry, mailing the second batch of job applications, getting a few Indian tops taken in to possibly use in tomorrow's photo shoot. But I keep getting ambushed by what I can only describe as grief, melodramatic as that sounds. I watched West Wing while folding laundry, and found myself teary-eyed, just because the characters were so much more intelligent, sane, and sincere than either of the presidential candidates seemed to me.

Tomorrow will be better, hopefully.

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  1. The election was close because neither of the candidates inspire us; neither are true leaders; both are boring.

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