Morning, everyone. …

Morning, everyone. Groggy today, and not sure why. Kevin thinks I may be a little sick -- I mostly don't feel sick, but I do feel tired, and he said I was over-warm so maybe feverish yesterday. Could be, but I blame the debates for making me feel yucky -- watching the vp debates yesterday, I was alternately angry and scared. I don't want these people leading the country. I told Kevin that he would make a much better president and that I would vote for him -- unfortunately, he is probably correct in his assessment that at most ten other people would vote for him. Even if we got him tv ads -- on-screen charisma for the masses, not his strong point. :-) But I swear to you, he'd do a better job than these jokers.

Those of you familiar with my general megalomania may be wondering why I'm not putting myself forward as a better candidate -- astonishingly, it is because I know my limitations. Politics makes my head hurt. I'd be a terrible president. Though, lord, if someone offered me the job tomorrow, I'd take it, just to keep it from falling into the hands of these incompetents. And then I'd let Kevin be the power behind the throne. :-)

Met with the Northwestern law students yesterday, and it looks like they'll be willing to co-sponsor our Kriti conference, letting us use their 750-person auditorium, their 150-person lecture rooms, their more intimate colloquium rooms, their lovely open reception space -- yay! This is huge, since it means we can probably save a couple thousand on hotel costs. We actually might not go with them, since there's a possibility that DePaul might offer to co-sponsor as well; it'd be lovely to be in the position of choosing between two fabulous spaces. We'll know more in a week or so, hopefully.

Ran errands the rest of the day, then came home and watched Gilmore Girls. Finally, finally, finally, Lorelei and Luke got together. I don't know what they're going to do for plot tension in the future, but it's such a relief seeing this relationship finally happen. And yes, this means we've abandoned our plan to get rid of the tv. It was mostly Kevin's plan, and he's just resolved to not watch tv himself. A stronger man than I, clearly, if he can pull it off (yet another reason why he'd make a better president, since if West Wing is any indication, presidents have little time for lying around watching Gilmore Girls). I feel a bit guilty, keeping temptation in his path, but oh, I do love my tv. And my Tivo.

Lots of appointments today. Dentist at 9. Phone conference at 11:30 about a potential piece I'd be writing for Tango, a new magazine coming out soon. Trainer at 3:30. I don't want to leave the house, actually. I want to stay here and sleep. Or watch tv. But alas, alack, that is not the plan for today. And we must stick with the plan. The plan is all we have, in these dark days, when the early morning chill presages the brutal winter to come, a time of grief and mourning, when all our hopes have turned to ash, and the ashes themselves are swept away, forgotten.

I think October is getting to me. October and elections.

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  1. Just curious–what don’t you like about John Edwards? Great rundown on the facts of the debate at

  2. Also wanted to say–you have exactly what it takes to be a leader. You’re young now, but you’re learning. I imagine you first as a university president, though.

  3. What don’t I like about Edwards? Well, it’s not him in particular, really. It’s the entire campaigning thing — I feel like an astonishing amount of time and energy is lost on this process which forces perhaps sane, sincere and intelligent individuals, who honestly want to do good in the world, into sleazy, truth-spinning, lie-spinning, vote-begging goobers. And what’s most depressing is that a) it works to get them elected, and b) I can’t think of a better way to do it, although banning tv ads would be a good start.

    I want a truly non-partisan, unbiased, informational agency to tell the people the facts they need to know in order to vote, and to explain things as clearly as necessary. Of course, if such an agency were created, it would immediately be perverted into being a tool of the two parties. 🙁

    Sanity, intelligence, and integrity — that’s all I ask out of candidates. Is that so much? I could name fifty people I know with those qualities, but I have no confidence that either presidential candidate possesses them. (Actually, I think Cheney may, for the most part, but I disagree with his politics, sadly.)

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