Wrote 1600 words –…

Wrote 1600 words -- didn't quite make it to 2000, but a reasonably good bit of work, considering that I've been away. I'm a little worried that this book is all emotion and not enough action right now. They're all feeling things very intensely at the moment, and I still feel like I haven't given the reader enough evidence as to why. Why does Roshan love Gabriel so? Is it just because he's funny? Why does Gabriel love Roshan so? Is it just because he's purty? Clearly, I need to do better than that!

The problem is, I'm not sure why anyone loves anyone else, really. We just do, for small and unimportant reasons much of the time. Sometimes it feels like we love them because they love us -- but that's awfully circular. There has to be more to it than that! :-)

This afternoon, I need to go meet with some students with Northwestern about possibly co-sponsoring the Kriti festival. Also get some passport photos taken so I can finally finish applying for citizenship. Other than that, not sure what I'l do today -- work out some, and then finish cleaning up, perhaps. It's amazing how messy the place can get in just four days of my being away...

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  1. Mary Anne said, ” We just do, for small and unimportant reasons much of the time.”

    I think you just need to give us, the readers,
    those small reasons and let us work it out 🙂

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