Reunion going well –…

Reunion going well -- everyone is very very nice and super-friendly, making me wonder if my memories of being shut out of various cliques and looked down on by the cool kids are entirely imaginary. Probably not. :-) But luckily, we all grew up in the last fifteen years.

The author signing last night went well too -- sold a dozen or so cookbooks and donated the last one to the school library. Various people lamented that I hadn't brough the 'fun' books, but what can you do -- it's a high school, with fourteen-year-olds running around. I couldn't blame the alumni folks for thinking that smut-mongering might not have been entirely appropriate. They were apologetic about it too. :-)

The only down side is that I've been sleeping incredibly badly, about 3-4 hrs each of the last two nights, and I am thus frickin' exhausted this morning. Chug some tea, grab a shower, and hopefully I'll feel better.

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