[yawn] Morning,…

[yawn] Morning, munchkins. Oh, so sleepy.

Been up for a while, mostly typing up meeting notes for DesiLit. I had a great brunch meeting with Venu yesterday, though I completely fell off the diet wagon when I saw that the place we were at offered a savory mushroom, tomato and cheese bread pudding. Oh my god, that was delicious, buttery and creamy and delectable. Probably a thousand calories right there, but worth it. Venu's Director of Diversity Education and Outreach at Northwestern's Law School, and is going to set up a meeting for me with SALSA, to see if they might be interested in co-sponsoring the Kriti conference, and perhaps letting us have access to their beautiful lakeshore space. Fingers crossed.

Not much else to report -- since I'm flying out this afternoon, I ended up spending yesterday just running errands and finishing up little tasks. No writing, sadly. Might try to squeeze in a thousand words at some point today.

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