I’m supposed to be in a…

I'm supposed to be in a cafe working in eighteen minutes (and it's about eighteen minutes walk away and I'm not dressed yet), so this is quick. Just a note to invite comments on the next couple FAQ entries, and to say that I'm still recovering from travel and getting back Friday night to find Kevin v. sick with some sort of food poisoning, and much cleaning up, and houseguests arriving at lunchtime Saturday (with toddler), and Michael and John's lovely wedding Saturday night, and cleaning up after houseguests (and toddler) Sunday.

We lost and found Kevin's keys, and we lost my checkbook, which is still missing, dangit. I'm sure it's here somewhere. I'm tempted to just stay here and putter, but that's the whole point of the cafe days, isn't it? Discipline. So, finish my tea, shower and dress, go.

It's so amazingly good to be home (and not planning to leave again for more than two weeks), I just can't tell you.

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