I’m still thinking about…

I'm still thinking about what to do with question 4 -- I may cut it entirely, or I may revise it substantially. I'm going to run it by my sisters next, I think. We'll see.

In the interim, onwards:

faq draft - question 5

5. You've openly self-identiified as being bisexual and polyamorous (non-monogamous) -- have there been any negative repercussions from being so open about your own sex life?
My love life actually looks pretty typical on the surface -- I live with the same guy I've been dating since college, and it's been a while since I was actively involved with a woman. It's only if you read my site carefully, or if you talk to me at real length in person, that you're likely to even realize that I'm not operating within a monogamous, heterosexual paradigm. I suspect this current state of affairs has shielded me from most of the queer-phobia and assertions of monogamous-privilege that many of my friends have had to actively deal with.

People do read my website carefully, though, and every once in a while some clueless guy will assume that because I'm not monogamous that means that of course I want to date him -- but that doesn't happen so often, and it's usually easy to gently set them straight.

The truth is that my writing/editing/publishing/etc. work takes up most of my time, and I'm very happy with my current relationships, and rarely have the energy to even think about starting anything new. My love life has been fairly stable for quite a long time now -- all of my monogamous friends who used to live vicariously through me have been complaining that I've gotten boring.

I do think that if I had children, I would be far more likely to face difficulties and interference from officious strangers, based on the experience of other queer and/or poly people I know. That worries me.

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