Good morning, everyone. …

Good morning, everyone. Still liking the new ergonomic setup. Is good.

Not entirely sure what to do with the next few hours. I packed last night, so I'm essentially ready to go. I don't actually leave for the airport until 11:30, as it turns out. Somehow my brain was convinced that I had to be done with everything last night, so yesterday was a mad scramble and now I suddenly have this window of time. I know what I should do. The virtuous path would be the following:

  • Have some breakfast and tea
  • Walk to the gym
  • Workout for at least half an hour
  • Walk back
  • Shower and get dressed
  • Write for two hours
  • Leave for the airport
On the other hand, I'll have lots of time to write on the plane and such today. And I could just do twenty minutes of aerobic activity here (the minimum I'm allowing myself) instead of eating up an hour and a half with gym stuff. Which means I could have more than three hours to lounge around and read. And I'm halfway through Jennifer Stevenson's Trash Sex Magic, which is loads of fun and which I'm having a hard time putting down. And if I finish it, then instead of having a half-finished book to take on the plane, I can bring a new untouched book on the plane. Which is better.

I think I better have breakfast and tea and read a little of the book (all of which was going to happen regardless) and then we'll just have to see how virtuous I really am.

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