Gods, I’m sorry all this…

Gods, I'm sorry all this marketing stuff is so boring. I read these entries over, and it's all me me me how do I promote me let's talk about me blah blah blah. Yick. Sorry, everyone. I mean, a journal is a pretty narcissistic endeavor to begin with, but ideally, it should at least be entertaining narcissism. Which this clearly isn't. Blech.

I'm hoping that at least this is informative for all you writers out there who will be doing this exact same thing at some point for your books, so you can get a heads-up on what kind of things you might actually want to do.

And I'm hoping the rest of you will put up with it until it's over (soon now, I hope), and I can get back to the normal fare of this journal -- talking about food. :-)

Thanks for your patience.

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