Well, I haven’t gotten…

Well, I haven't gotten any writing done yet today, but I did get finally get my butt over to a cafe and out of my apartment, which was an accomplishment. Since coming home, I've been mostly inclined to not move out of our comfy chairs. Despite not writing today, I've been moderately productive in other ways -- crunched numbers on this last month's SLF budget, figured out that there was a sufficient surplus to allow us to order SLF t-shirts and mugs in time for WorldCon, which I have done (the jr. raglans and baseball jerseys). They're not as cool as the SH t-shirts and mugs, of course, since they're on a white background instead of black, but they have their own special charm. :-)

We'll be selling them for $15/t-shirt, $10/mug, which is a pretty good deal -- just enough to make back our costs, since they're primarily functioning as advertising, rather than money-makers right now. We couldn't afford a really large size range, since we're doing them through Cafe Press, so it'll just be mediums and larges this time around, but perhaps by World Fantasy we'll have smalls and extra-larges. We'll see.

Also spent a while designing a membership brochure, a clean white and blue trifold thingie. The problem with flyers (which is what we've done before) is that they don't stand out enough in the mass of pieces of paper floating around at a convention. They also aren't so visible even in the plastic stands from Office Max. Hopefully elegant little brochures will be more visible and attractive. I crammed a lot of information into it -- Zak is going to try to make it pretty for me this weekend, which may be an impossible task. But he's done good for us before, so I have faith.

I'm not in writing head today, clearly -- it's all about the little logistical stuff and checking things off the to-do list. That's okay; there's a lot of stuff on the list to check off before WorldCon. But maybe I'll take a break from the computer for a bit, do some reading, see if that gets me back into the right kind of head. I'm reading Hari Kunzru's The Impressionist right now -- it's well-enough-written, but I'm not so impressed yet, despite the wealth of glowing encomiums on the cover. Maybe it's the sort of book that you need to get to the end of to really appreciate. Hmmm....

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