The text wil be…

The text wil be tweaked, to incorporate Karen's quote, and they may futz a bit with layout to fit everything in, but essentially, this cover is approved. Yay! I have a cover! Now my book can stop running around all naked-like...

Things I really like about this cover:

  • the fact that it looks as much like a tropical flower as like a book

  • the fact that the pages look like they're rustling (so, so glad they chose to go with the 'motion' part of the title instead of the 'bodies' -- we could've had random body parts splattered across the page)

  • the intense luminescence of blue-green (which is a little more blue and even prettier in the print version)

  • the font -- pretty, but not too foofy

  • the fact that it's striking and visually attractive from halfway across the room.

Bob assures me that the pink is really closer to a mauve (it's also darker and with more blue tones in the print version), so really, I consider myself very lucky indeed.

9 thoughts on “The text wil be…”

  1. Ohhh Mary Anne, that’s a good cover. I didn’t realise at first that it was a book; I thought it was some sort of tropical frondy thing. Or leeks. And that made me think of all those characters chopping onions 🙂 Which may not be so apt for this book, but: anyway, it doesn’t matter. It’s a beautiful cover, I love that I see the shapes and colors as beautiful with or without specific meaning assigned to them, and that they suggest a kind of delicate, sensual movement.

    Really like that cover.

  2. What a lovely cover. Congratulations! And I agree with Karen, at first I thought it was a picture of some sort of frond, until I scrolled down and saw the entire book. I love how they interpreted “motion.” Beautiful!

  3. I’m in love. Very nice.

    On the pink: There needs to be a nod to chick lit. So your name gets to be it.

    I was already planning on buying a copy, but now I’m *DEFINATELY* going to get a copy. Maybe two.


  4. That is absolutely gorgeous. They’ve done you proud. 🙂

    That’s certainly one that would attract me if I saw it as a faceout on the shelf on the bookshop.

    And the friend I’m with came over to see what I was “ooh!”ing about, and liked it too.

  5. I love it. It’s very attention getting and pretty. Pretty is one of the things I look for when pourchasing a book. 🙂

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