Good long dinner with…

Good long dinner with Soniah Kamal, who shares my agent and who has recently sold her first novel (about a terrorist, I believe) to Penguin. V. nice talking to someone else at a similar stage in the process -- we plan to share marketing ideas. Her kids are utterly adorable.

Came home to find my book cover waiting. Eep. I think, I think, I think I like it. I might even like it a lot. Need to sleep on it some to be sure. My main concern is that they have put my name in pink, of all colors. I might have to have words with them about that. Pink! I am dubious.

Did I mention that they would like me to be photographed in front of a panel of sari fabric? Not actually in a sari, thankfully -- I think I'll probably wear blue jeans and a white or creamy top. I have some sari fabric, but I think I may go up to Devon on Saturday and shop for some more. 'Cause you can never have too much sari fabric... :-)

They also would like some more solemn, closed-mouth photos of me. Apparently I am too giggly for them. Though they didn't actually say 'giggly'.

What I am, is punchy. It is late. I go to bed.

4 thoughts on “Good long dinner with…”

  1. You probably have sources for bulk postcards,
    but just heads up to
    125.00 for 500.
    I use them extensively. There work is excellent.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    That’s who both Cecilia Tan and Gavin Grant recommended, so that was who I was already planning to go with. But always nice to have another rec! We’re going to do a thousand each of mine and the SH one, I think. 🙂

  3. I’m with you on the pink idea.

    And it seems they are going for the more serious stuff. Which is a little sad cause you have some great fun with your stories.

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Well, I do have fun with them, but I’m not sure any of the ones in this book will strike people as…umm…fun. It’s sort of an intense sort of book…

    I’m hoping intense doesn’t come across as grim and depressing, because that wasn’t the intent.

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