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Thanks, everyone, for the comments -- incredibly helpful. Here's the revised version of the publicity card -- I've sent this to Bob and Marjorie for comments and will try to nail it down tomorrow, so I (or Zak, if he has time) have a day to deal with design. Oof. This is harder than it looks, marketing-speak. :-) I like most of the text below, but it still feels...argh...choppy? I think that's the problem. Driving me crazy trying to fix it, though.

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Bodies in Motion
Mary Anne Mohanraj
A deftly intricate interweaving of voices and generations. These stories are gorgeous, sexy, often sad, but never simply so. They are, above all, stories of survival and Mohanraj tells them beautifully. A writer to watch!

-- Karen Joy Fowler, author of the New York Times-bestselling The Jane Austen Book Club

This new novel-in-stories traces the paths of two Sri Lankan-American families over eighty years and two continents, offering intimate moments in their lives. Mangai is sixteen in 1940s Sri Lanka when she falls in love with her brother's wife. Velu must face the consequences of his own inaction when civil war endagers his children. Kuyila, born and raised in America, agrees to go to an unfamiliar homeland for an arranged marriage in 1979. Minal, at college in Chicago and fresh off the boat from Sri Lanka, faces an unplanned pregnancy, painfully alone.

These stories illustrate the complexity of the ways in which people try to find happiness for themselves and for their loved ones, despite well-intentioned relatives, despite impulses toward safe conformity, despite war and chaos and terror.

HarperCollins, July 2005
ISBN: 0060781181
price $22.95

Mary Anne Mohanraj is the editor of Aqua Erotica and The Best of Strange Horizons and founder of the Speculative Literature Foundation. Sign up for her newsletter at!

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