My day got better…

My day got better yesterday -- Jed met me an hour before class and plied me with hugs and cheerful flowers and sushi, which were all pretty hard to resist. And then class went great -- it's a terrific group, lots of fun to work with, and they were all saying they wished the class was going longer, which is really nice to hear, y'know? :-) Good-ness. Next week is the last class -- eep!

So far this morning, I've drafted the older writers' grant -- it's going to be so great to be able to offer that, and I think there's a decent chance that SF3 will match it, so that we can offer two of them, which would be very cool indeed.

Also made a stab at scheduling my dissertation defense. Busy professors and their schedules, oof. We persevere.

Tasks for today -- revise vita and send it out for a potential job, revise publicity card, deal with getting Bob my financial info for wiring me my money (yay), finish layout guide edits (that have been hanging around forever), edit some html files for my website, figure out next step on literary festival. That should be plenty. Today's my one day in the next week when I get to just hang around here -- every other day, I'll be running around town, socializing and the like. So I plan to take advantage of it...

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