“So, how’s thing’s with…

"So, how's thing's with you?'

"Well, pretty good. Actually, great."

"Oh, good." [silence]

I've been having variations of this conversation with people for the last month -- every time I run into an old friend or acquaintance, they ask how I'm doing, and I tell them the truth, that I'm doing pretty fabulous right now. It doesn't lead to conversation in quite the same way that complaining does. :-) Oh, they're sincerely happy for me, I don't mean to imply that they're not. But if one is having a difficulty of some sort, then the other person can not only express sympathy, but also offer advice. Problems naturally lead to conversation. Whereas right now, everything is so splendid in my life that there really isn't anything much to say beyond, "Oh, good." Yes, good.

If this is the closest I can get to a complaint, then you know it must be pretty darn terrific in Mary Anne-land. :-) The writing is going well, and I have more and more ideas every day. The selling of the writing is going very well, and I don't have to work a sad day job. The finances will very shortly be completely under control, and by this time next year, I should be completely out of debt, with all the student loans paid off. My love life is humming along smoothly, and I've gotten to have a lot of time recently with all of my sweeties. My parents, while still a bit wary about the sex writing stuff, are cautiously excited about the upcoming book, and I've been having a lot of good conversations with my dad about Sri Lankan history. I'm feeling stronger and in better shape than I've been in for probably close to two decades. I can't quite believe how happy I am.

I feel like I should be constantly knocking on wood, or otherwise convincing the gods, fate, etc., to keep this streak of good luck going. All I can really do is be appreciative and enjoy it. So, I'm very very appreciative. I'm really really enjoying it. I know it can't last forever, that there will be sad and difficult times in the future. But for right now, I'm living in a very good moment.

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