Had a really nice day…

Had a really nice day yesterday, btw. A long lunch with Minal, who it turns out has in the years since we last talked gotten a nice little nonfiction book contract from Houghton Mifflin; she's writing a memoir/history of her family and the diaspora. Very cool. Writing full-time, and she's going to try to put me in touch with other local South Asian writers.

Post that, I got a hair cut -- just trimmed it a bit, 'cause it was starting to fall into my eyes. Then did some minor shopping errands, and then one fabulous birthday indulgence -- a riotous pair of silk pyjamas from Nordstrom, in an explosion of pinks and lavenders and pale blue. Very psychedelic. Kind of sexy too. :-)

In the evening, mostly hung out with David and talked. Played a game of Scrabble, where I was doing very well for a while, but fell a solid thirty points behind by the end. Oh well.

Today, alternating work with reading Carl Muller's The Jam Fruit Tree, a rather obscene little Sri Lankan Burgher (Burghers are mixed-race upper-class folk from Sri Lanka, like Ondaatje, often with a fair bit of Dutch in them) novel, with an astonishing amount of sex, even by my standards. Tonight, dinner with Mahmud.

Did receive another present -- a beautiful three-stone amber and silver pendant from Karen. It's de-lovely and delicious. :-)

Oh, I have a dumb OSX question. If I put birthdays in my address book, is there any way to get it to set an alarm to remind me when one's upcoming? Does it cross-reference with iCal?

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  1. sorry, I meant to add that I don’t know if it can automatically set up an alarm/reminder for the birthdays once they’re in iCal. If it puts the dates into a single birthday calendar, I think you could set an alarm/reminder for all of them.

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