I’m entirely failing to…

I'm entirely failing to lose any more weight -- I've been essentially holding steady around 137 forever, despite going to the gym quite a lot the last two weeks. Apparently I really do have to actually diet in order to lose weight. On the plus side, I managed to not *gain* any weight in my birthday week, despite a quite sinful chocolate cake (much of which is still in David's freezer), and at the gym yesterday, the little machine told me that my physical fitness is excellent. Excellent! I don't actually believe it, but if it thinks that, then I think it must have actually climbed to adequate, which is a very nice step up from below average, which was better than poor, which was better than fainting in a dance class. So hooray for exercise! I feel a lot better too. And my arms look decent in a tank top. :-)

Last night, Mahmud took me out for a delectable dinner (green mango salad, yum) at a Burmese place in Rockridge, followed by some time at a tea shop. Much fun talking writing and South Asia and politics and the like. Particularly interesting was an extended discussion of violence -- our experience (or lack) thereof, and our representations of it in fiction. Good stuff.

Today, I'm supposed to meet up with Kevin, who's flying in at 3. Yay! In the intervening six hours, I ought to get some work done, but I'm finding myself very reluctant. I'm going to take a little time to read and drink tea and see how the day is feeling. Starting a new book, Amitav Ghosh's In An Antique Land, a blend of history and memoir and traveller's tale. Mahmud recommended it and loaned it to me -- I'm expecting it to be very good, based on how much I loved Ghosh's The Glass Palace.

There is one bit of exciting news -- I finally got the finalized contracts for my books! I've been going along without contracts since WisCon, which I have to tell you, has made me feel more than a little nervous despite Bob's reassurances. But now they're here, and it all looks good, and I'm going to sign them and put them in the mail today. Yay, books!

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