Hmm…no entries… entries yesterday. Not sure how that happened. Well, yesterday we went and had lunch with Thida and two-year-old Kerensa, yummy sushi, fun conversation. Lots of reminiscing about the old days when Thida was dating Cliff, my roommate in Oakland. Nice.

Then in the afternoon, I think I Oh, yes, lay in Jed's hammock and re-read Anne McCaffrey's Moreta, which actually had me crying at the end. There are so few actual tragedies in genre fiction -- it's always a bit stunning to run across one. It made me really wish that Jed owned Nerilka's Story, just so I'd have an uplifting sequel to turn to afterwards. I did feel a bit guilty re-reading instead of reading something new, but it's been a good twenty years since I read this book, so I felt justified. I remembered quite a bit of it, though, as it turned out.

After a dinner of leftovers, we went and got yummy ice cream from Rick's (a quart of chocolate and a quart of rose) and flowers (striped roses) and went over to Kate and Becca's. Gavin was asleep, so no playing with the baby, but we had a very nice conversation with them, including some enlightening discussion of fund-raising with Becca, who does this professionally. I'm going to rope her into a fund-raising discussion for Strange Horizons sometime soon. I really want the magazine to have an endowment it can live off of. We'll see if we can pull that off.

Came home and crashed. This morning, reading Delany's They Fly at Ciron, which I somehow missed before. This afternoon, I think I'm going to take another stab at revising that one story that doesn't feel quite right to me for the collection. It's oh, so close. It could go as it is, but if I can make it just a little bit better -- I hand it to them August 1, in theory. One more week to make any real changes. And then, aside from the copyedits, it's out of my hands. Eep.

Also, my birthday is on Monday! And my birthday party is on Sunday! Excitement abounding...

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