Okay, now I’m feeling…

Okay, now I'm feeling overwhelmed. I leave for California at an ungodly hour on Sunday. Which means I have six days to do whatever else I want to get done before a) leaving town, b) teaching the Kearny Street workshop, c) teaching the Oregon workshop. At the moment, the list includes:

  • find out why one manuscript is missing for Oregon
  • make sure everyone for Oregon knows what they're doing / where they're going
  • put away masses of laundry (done days ago, but no time to deal with due to guests)
  • clean up dishes from yesterday's brunch (2-3 loads in dishwasher)
  • buy groceries (we're down to starch, starch, and more starch -- plus lettuce)
  • edit Benjamin photos
  • draft interstitial piece
  • draft S. Asian culture/democracy piece if doing
  • apply for citizenship
  • mail Debbie's box
  • formally plan Kearny Street class -- organize syllabus, reading list, set up photocopies for class, etc.
  • remind people SLF fund drive is still going for a few more days
  • make sure SLF travel grant is ready to announce
  • make sure SLF technology exchange is ready to announce
  • write up meeting notes re: lit festival
  • for festival: finalize name, mission, description, loose time frame; make priority list of authors; make website; start discussion of possible sponsors
  • go to Tuesday evening's KP session
  • go to suburbs to meet with expert on Tamil Tigers
  • write short story re: war
  • keep writing play, at least a bit, to keep momentum going
  • start studying Tamil, dammit.
I'm also feeling happy. The weather is nice, the breeze is cool, and despite having a lot to do, I'm generally pleased with life. The Virginia Quarterly Review has asked Bob about my stories and he'll be sending them some (interestingly, the pay they mentioned to him is notably higher than what's publically posted in their guidelines -- not as high as The New Yorker, of course, but still noticeable). We'll see what happens.

And hey, Tim got a film agent. Coolness. Now I want one. :-)

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