I’m getting pretty…

I'm getting pretty worried about important mail going missing, and so I have instituted a new address that goes to a separate mailbox with no spam filter. I of course don't want to publish this address on the web. But if you ask me for it, I will give it to you, and trust you not to publish it on the web.

You can always post comments here instead, though, since I read them compulsively, and I'm still going to keep reading my normal mailboxes. I just don't quite trust them anymore. Sad.

4 thoughts on “I’m getting pretty…”

  1. Jawahara Saidullah

    Hi Mary Anne:

    I know you are terribly busy but I just wanted to find out if you got my emailed chapter and another message asking if you had received it. I found out just today that foreign rights have already started being sold. So, my book is sold in to the UK and India. Of course, North America is the major market but I am now feeling more optimistic since it is actually being read by six publishers.

    Anyway, I mainly wanted to ask if you had received my chapter. I know you probably can’t get to it for a while.


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