Spent the last hour or…

Spent the last hour or so revising my official biography -- thought I should note that I'd actually sold the dissertation book. Which of course led to all sorts of other tiny edits. The bio was still claiming the second waterproof book was called Bodies of Water... :-)

I have kazillion things to do today -- most urgently is that I'm supposed to be giving a talk at SFRA tomorrow morning at 8:30 on the interstitial arts movement. I wish I'd grabbed some of their pretty publicity materials to use as teaching aids. Ah well. I need to see if I can dig up that informational page I put together out of what Jed sent me -- if I can find it, then I just need to review the materials so that I can talk intelligently about it for half an hour or so...

Other items on the list:

  • do laundry, last load of dishes
  • send out June membership drive notes
  • write up SA lit. meeting notes
  • call Julia Rajan from Philly
  • send spices to editor and her assistant
  • send Bob Silence book (with essay marked)
  • send withdrawal messages for all stories submitted from book
  • set up PayPal for AAAC
  • take photos of new art and post to journal
  • add recent art photos to arts page
  • draft proposal for Fountain Award anthology and send to Jim Frenkel
  • write up SLF internal FAQ
  • revisit SLF mentoring program
  • register speclit.org
  • draft letter inviting big-name literary folks to be on our board
  • remind Jeremy to start fund-raising discussion on SLF list
  • talk to Kaolin about classifieds section
  • for CBS do Cafe Press set-up
Obviously, not all of these are urgent. But I'll still be happy if I can check them off the list.

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