Recapping this project…

Recapping this project thus far -- thoughts, please!

SLF Computer / Printer Donation Program

The SLF will not take physical possession of any of the materials; we'll act as a informational clearinghouse, matching up donors with deserving recipients. We make no guarantees as to the condition of any donated material. Donors are responsible for shipping fees. Donations and shipping fees are tax-deductible through the SLF.

Info for Donors:

a) we're looking for computers (laptops preferred) (3 or fewer years old) or printers (5 or fewer years old)
b) if possible, please wipe your drives
c) we're also looking for volunteers willing to provide technical support to help get recipients up and running

Info for Recipients:

a) we ask recipients to provide a brief statement of their current need, including details on what they're looking for (computer, laptop, printer, particular brands, etc.)
b) we connect them as able with donors
c) we provide recipients a list of places where they can download useful freeware
d) we operate on a first-come, first-served basis


How does that sound? How can it be improved?

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