My jasmine is in bloom,…

My jasmine is in bloom, and the sweet scent is filling the apartment. Oh, so lovely. I don't know how it blooms without any sunlight, but I'm grateful.

I'm roasting some rosemary-lemon monkfish with potatoes, onions, and garlic for lunch -- that scent is starting to fill the apartment too. I'm getting hungry! :-)

Still mostly doing wrap-up on the SLF Wiscon event, typing up membership info, asking co-op members for their responses, that sort of thing. It really was a huge success overall, and I'm very happy with it -- we've requested a table for World Fantasy, so we'll see if that happens. We may have a fan table at WorldCon and sell memberships there; we'll see.

Just took a moment to go read Cheryl's entertaining SLF Chabon reading report over at Emerald City. Nice to get a personalized sense of how it went. I enjoy her writing a lot -- something about the combination of fannish enthusiasm with a critical eye and a personality that isn't afraid to be detailed and specific about what she likes and doesn't like. :-)

Coming up next -- photos of WisCon, as soon as I edit them.

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