Jed has just set it up…

Jed has just set it up so that e-mail to the domain will be deleted unread, unless it goes to one of my actual addresses (such as So if you've been using something to write to me, you'd better fix it. :-) And in general, if you send me e-mail and don't get a response within a week or so, query again, or better yet, post a note in the comments to this journal (which I should always see), just in case. Spam, yick.

David, we saved eponymous@, just for you. :-)

3 thoughts on “Jed has just set it up…”

  1. Probably a needed thing, unfortunately, but you may want to think about a variation (if Jed can set it up easily).

    – set up addresses that you use for specific purposes. i.e which you then publish inside of that particular purpose instead of your more general email.

    – publish one address on the web – perhaps m, but use another for personal correspondence with friends (don’t publish this one).

    The challenge is to then make sure that your replies to messages go out with the appropriate “reply-to” address, but overall this type of email address use (at times one-time/toss-off email address etc) can be fairly effective in minimizing the amount of spam a given address gets.

    I have been seriously considering adding a “secret” email address to my own domains which I will give out to my friends & family to make sure that important emails do not get lossed in the mess of other mail that I get.

  2. At some point I may move towards putting a comments box on my main page as well, and not having a public e-mail — but not yet. I can still handle the spam so far…

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