Most of today has been…

Most of today has been trying to get caught up on the rest of my life, with more to come. I have barely managed to clean one room out of four. Eep. And there's still a good sixty or so substantive e-mails to deal with. And I'm not even going to start listing all the other stuff...

What we mostly did today was run around. Kevin's car had a dead battery, so Tuesday it went to the shop, and today we had to go get it (fixed, yay), which meant driving out almost all the way to the suburbs. So we left a little early and went to the suburbs, specifically, to the Woodfield Mall, where we happily puttered around at the Apple store. We have confirmed that what I want is a new 12-inch Powerbook, and I think we're going to go ahead and buy it soon. I won't get my advance money for another 2-3 months, but that's what credit cards are for, right? Instant gratification? :-)

We didn't buy the laptop yet, but we did play with it, and with the camera I think I want -- the Canon Powershot with 5 MP. It means actually spending money on a camera, instead of trading with Kam (whose camera, I must admit, is noticeably more powerful than the Canon) -- but on thinking it over (and over, and over), I really do value being able to shove my camera in a pocket (especially a jeans pocket!), and Kam's camera is much too big. I'll waffle a few more months, though, since I don't actually need a new camera until I'm travelling out of the country, which probably won't happen until 2005...

What we did buy today (along with such practical items as a new bra and hair goop), is a beautiful little teakettle, which I am officially dubbing my I sold a novel and so I bought a needlessly pretty kettle teakettle. We did actually need a replacement kettle, because if you remember, Kevin bought us an electric kettle some months back, and perhaps unsurprisingly, at one point last week, sleepy Mary Anne picked up the kettle, filled it with water, put it on the stove, and turned on the gas burner, thereby thoroughly melting the plastic bottom of the kettle and rendering it unusable. (Also making the apartment quite stinky.) We didn't need such a pretty replacement, but hey -- I think selling a novel entitles a girl to a few presents, don't you? :-)

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  1. Hi Mary Anne,

    THAT ZEST FOR LIFE AGAIN…. On this cloudy Thursday afternoon in London, your teakettle sounds beautiful. cheers, susan

  2. It’s so purty! 🙂 I just used it to make a cup of tea, and it works beautifully, and oh, the harmonica sound is so pretty, such an improvement over the typical screech. My only real concern right now is that it says not to let the flames of a gas burner come up the sides of the kettle — feeling paranoid, I heated it on medium, which took quite a while. I’d rather just let it go on high, if it isn’t going to destroy my kettle — any thoughts?


    Hi Mary Anne,

    This is from my thoughts; completely undomesticated at that. The other day, I bought a Russell & Bromley handbag from Oxford Street. It’s the latest spring collection and it cost me 120. It’s just a little thing to sling on the shoulder in the day or for evening use as a pretty swing in your hand. Spots a sparkly lime green handle and a coat of hibiscus/yellow flowers (big petals) in its bed of dark green leaves and sky blue velvety background. On the front, a scattering of sparkly aquamarine stones surround the clasp. (None as yet missing.) For awhile, I let it slumber in its bed of tissues and everytime I looked at it, it was this gorgeous decorative element, untouched, sparkly & perfect in every way. Then I started to take it around this summer and women loved it. They asked me where I bought it from. It has so much style. But then daily use took out its shape a little and a teeny-weeny stain stuck on and it became what you would call…seasoned. People still say how pretty it is but it doesn’t feel quite the same anymore. The intriguing dark feminine secrets it kept and the possibilities it stored before I showed it to the world. Now its appears a bit of a weary dame (of course, it’s all just in my mind). It still gets its fair share of compliments, all the same. I would ask you to hold on to your kettle a little while longer as a piece of art for, its decorative look and for its musical ambitions. Before that day when you hand it over to your kitchen for the embrace of a public christening. And then it will start to belong to so many others. Enjoy its brand-new perfection for just a while longer, or guard it so very carefully otherwise; that the pretty teakettle stays forever it its fountain of youth. For this eternal medicine; use medium or low unless you’re really, really thirsty for coffee or tea! cheers, Susan (London)

  4. Hee. I’ve already used it, but yes, I’m still being paranoid about keeping it pristine. I actually cleaned it before using it this morning. 🙂 I doubt that will last long, knowing my slovenly nature, but for a little while, it will be treasured…

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