I’m afraid I’m going to…

I'm afraid I'm going to have to cancel this year's New Jersey workshop -- a combination of very little interest, difficulty with the dates for the organizers (I think the 9/11 weekend was a bad choice), and our host's space being unavailable later in the year. Oregon is definitely on, and almost full. We'll try to find a different space for somewhere on the East Coast in 2005.

Gavin and I are talking about possibly doing a mini-SH-workshop at WorldCon (or maybe World Fantasy, though I'm not sure if he and Kelly will be attending that one). The rules would be the same as for our regular workshops -- people who have published fiction with us already and have not yet attended one of our workshops would get preference; if there were spaces left, we would open it up further by application.

I'm thinking it would be something like two three-hour sessions in the mornings of the convention, 9-12 or so, letting us workshop about ten stories. We'd charge enough to pay Gavin and Kelly a small honorarium to cover their time, plus a bit for SH. I'm guessing around $30/person?

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