So many little things to…

So many little things to do. I just talked to A Room of One's Own, the nice little Madison feminist bookstore and confirmed that they'll be bringing copies of Aqua Erotica, Wet, and Kathryn in the City to the WisCon dealer's room. I'll have Silence and the Word and A Taste of Serendib (about 15 copies of each), so I think my stuff will be pretty well represented this convention. Pleasing.

I also spent about half an hour on the phone with Priya, setting up her personal training schedule -- and when I say that, I mean that I'm going to call her every day and get on her ass about diet and exercise. She wants to lose ten pounds in three months, which I totally think she can do if she sticks to our plan (which is essentially to cut some calories and add a little exercise). She's going to tell me what she eats every day and I'm going to write it down and with any luck, we'll see some good results soon. :-)

Now, shower (all stinky from gym), dress, study.

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