I am in a foul mood. …

I am in a foul mood. Cranky with the world. I *think* this is a result of too much socializing / goofing off and not enough working, combined with my scale saying 139 (!) this morning. I don't believe the scale, btw. Oh, the 136 the other day was probably a fluke, but even so, I can't have gained two pounds in one day. I ate yesterday, but I didn't eat 7000 extra calories. I did do a massive workout at the gym on Saturday, so maybe some of that is new muscle. It better be.

Anyway. The point is, I'm cranky. Kevin's lucky he's asleep or I'd be extra-cranky with him. In part just because he's here, in part because he has been thwarting my will more than usual lately, and it's just asking for trouble when you thwart my will. I have testimonials to that.

Things to complain about:

  • I just discovered that the SLF stuff I ordered on May 9th never shipped. Some problem processing the order. I have to sort it out today, and odds are decent that the t-shirts won't arrive until after WisCon.
  • My agent has not yet called me back with a fabulous book deal (or, for that matter, any book deal) for Bodies in Motion.
  • I have a Spanish exam on Friday.
  • I have not studied as much as I feel I should have for said exam.
  • My body is tired. And sore. And heavier than it should be.
  • My apartment is a disaster, with dirty dishes from last night's party everywhere, mocking me.
  • The imitation crab for yesterday's California rolls was unimpressive; I think I should have defrosted it longer. I wish real crab weren't so outrageously expensive in the Midwest.
  • The Thai red curry was not spicy or salted enough, and I should have cooked the broth down more. (I will be briefly fair enough to note that the spicy mango chicken in wonton cups was a huge hit, very impressive in appearance, yet easy, and it got totally snarfed up (I doubled the amount of green curry paste and mango chutney and cilantro the recipe calls for, but you can easily adjust all that to your tastes, and it's especially convenient because it can all be made ahead and assembled day of). This charred beef and spinach roll was also yummy and well-liked by some, though others of my relatives won't eat meat unless it's cooked to death.)
  • My family still doesn't really know how to cope with Kevin.
  • Kevin has no idea how to cope with my family.
  • Kevin has been thwarting my will.
  • I can't come up with any more items for this list, making me feel like I should be in a better mood than I am since my life is obviously so good, and that just makes me feel petulant and even crankier. So there.

4 thoughts on “I am in a foul mood. …”

  1. Hi again dear Mary Anne,
    wrote you the other day from London. I’m still here. I think its wonderful just the idea of you studying spanish. you live such a full life even your problems sound jazzy & colourful. I’m sure your agent is going to come back soon with a book deal. He sounds very much like he will. (Just that these things take time.) I think you’re very lucky/blessed?? with Kevin in the sense that he believes in what you do and from that you’ve inherited a real sense of freedom with time. You can take time out to do whatever you want. What if there was no Kevin? How would life be like then? Somedays, I find I just can’t write my book. Other things take precedence. I want to indulge in european literature or catch a different aspect of jazz; even hunger for a sonata. There’s always nice something happening in England. Then I discover myself in a newer way. I think you live a very rich life. Sounds fulfilling. Pull out those few thorns and you’ll be on your way. a big hug, susan abraham

  2. Ah, but studying Spanish is less romantic when one actually knew it before in high school, and has forgotten it (along with Polish and Tamil — I’m really *good* at forgetting languages I once spoke semi-fluently), so that one is only cramming for a pointless jump-through-hoops exam, after which one will undoubtedly forget the language all over again. 🙂

    I do know I’m very lucky to have a sweetie willing to support me this year (though in fact, no matter how much Kev believes in me, we can’t quite afford to do this indefinitely, not if we want to travel or buy furniture or keep paying for a gym membership or anything like that). I really need to get some kind of job after the summer travel, unless some kind of writing/editing gig shows up. Luckily, I have oh so many secretarial skills…

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