As it turned out, I…

As it turned out, I studied for about two hours -- and then I went to go hang out with the relatives. Pleasant way to spend an afternoon, good way to not get work done. When the kids aren't crying, they're appallingly cute. The one-year-old is sick, sadly, so is fretful quite a bit of the time. Poor munchkin.

Spent some time organizing photos this morning; I decided if I put all the family photos into one album, they'd have a lot more fun paging through it. They're all coming for dinner tomorrow, so the plans for today are pretty domestic; get some groceries, cook and clean, that kind of thing. Of course, there will be some studying, and I have to go lift weights today, because it's been days and days and days. My life, so exciting. :-)

Maybe not exciting, but satisfying nonetheless.

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