So, the library sucked…

So, the library sucked me in. I went to get a museum passport (which I got), but also came away with two more Cynthia Voigt novels (YA fantasy, which I didn't realize she wrote) and the most recent Jennifer Cruisie novel, Bet Me. You may remember her from my Cruisie binge at Kirsten's in England last summer, where I read something like ten of her novels in three days. Just finished reading this one, which was a lot of fun and had a very curvaceous protagonist, and while I could have used slightly less angsting about her weight and appearance, she was appealing nonetheless. And a nice change. It's interesting, reading a romance novel in which the heroine is described as emphatically plain and plump, and the hero nonetheless finds her totally sexy and attractive. Makes you realize how rarely you see that in romance novels; the heroines are pretty much always beautiful. Different kinds of wish fulfillment, I guess.

Reading this book brought up a whole bunch of warm fuzzy feelings towards Kevin, which is particularly nice because back when we lived together in Philly (lo, these ten years ago), he asked me to *please* stop reading romance novels because I was always angry at him and unhappy about our relationship afterwards, because he/it didn't live up to the fabulousness of the heroes/relationships in the novels. It's reassuring, to know that I can now read a romance novel and enjoy being reminded of the ways in which we can be just as sappy as the characters -- while still being level-headed enough to not demand that Kevin be just as perfect as those heroes so often are. Growing up, I guess. Slowly. It's nice that being older appears to come with being happier. So far, at any rate. Fingers crossed.

I want to just dive into the Voigt, but I'm going to study some Spanish instead. My exam is now scheduled for next week Friday, which gives me about ten days to study. Creo que puedo hacer esto, si no juego todo el tiempo.

Yes, I'm sure I mangled that. Luckily, I only need to translate from Spanish to English, not the reverse.

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  1. Yes, being older and being happier do seem to go together. Since my teens, each decade has been happier than the previous one. (I just began my 60’s a couple of weeks ago.) I am glad the same is true for you Mary Anne…may it continue!

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