Morning, munchkins. …

Morning, munchkins. Various stuff in the works today; I'm supposed to swing by downtown and try to pick up a library passport in a bit, and then after that, I think I'll give Kev the apartment and spend the day in a cafe. There's a nice one at Madison and Sangamon that has outlets and free wireless and sugar-free Italian sodas (made with Splenda, so they're tasty). Sounds perfect. The plan for today is to study a bunch of Spanish and then...well, I'm honestly not sure what I do next. Catch up on some lagging e-mail, and then...we'll see, I suppose. Maybe I'll try working on the YA book again. Maybe I'll just hang out and read for a while. That'd be nice.

Have I mentioned lately how appreciative I am of my current lifestyle? Damn, I'm lucky, to get to do this. It's so many levels better than my time as a secretary I can't count them.

Tomorrow will be playing with Priya and her kids (if the weather's nice, we'll do the zoo, if it's too hot, we'll try the aquarium). So better get a little work done today.

2 thoughts on “Morning, munchkins. …”

  1. Drat. I saw “…I’ll give Kev the apartment and spend the day in a cafe. There’s a nice one at Madison…” and read it as “There’s a nice one IN Madison…” So thought you’d be dropping in. We can do that, right? Drop in? Because we’re practically neighbors and all.

  2. Heh. If I weren’t such a scaredy-cat about driving I could drop by a lot more often than I do…

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