Home again, home again. …

Home again, home again. In recovery mode; spending a fair bit of time resurrecting my plants, for example. I forgot to *tell* Kevin to water them while I was gone, and as a result, he didn't. I should've been able to predict that, shouldn't I? And yet, it still bewilders me. How do you spend ten days just watching plants die?

Actually, they were surprisingly resilient. So far, the only likely casualtues are the basil and the hibiscus, and I haven't entirely given up on them yet. They're all getting lots of TLC, so with any luck, most of them will make it through this. I shudder to think what will happen to them this summer, though, when I'm gone for two months. I think I should probably just give them all away to good homes before I go, and start over when I get back in September.

Not much else to report; it's good to be home. Catching up on tv and mail and groceries and such. Kevin's not being quite as isolationist as he was before I left, which is nice. It's not easy, living with an introvert. Probably harder for the introvert, though...

4 thoughts on “Home again, home again. …”

  1. Mary Anne, plants don’t move. It’s not like he was ignoring the puppy dancing around his feet and whimpering for food. Those of us who are not plant people just aren’t reminded to look closer.

    It’s just like people who don’t eat meat are not reproached by its absence in the fridge/freezer — you’ve seen David’s freezer. It would make me (and, I suspect, you) feel as though the household was on the brink of collapse to have that little in the freezer, and yet he does have sufficient food for his needs and doesn’t notice how empty of frozen vegetables, meat, ice cream, leftovers, etc. his fridge is.

    I think for non-plant people, plants are mentally classified with things like chairs and wall-hangings, whereas for plant people they’re more in the puppy-and-other-living-thing category. I could be overgeneralizing, though.

  2. Well, okay, but if the wall-hangings started changing color, or if pieces started dropping off the chairs, you’d think even a non-observant person would notice… 🙂

  3. As a plant person, I can tell you that non-plant people just don’t get it. They don’t see the color changes. They don’t notice the leaf wilt. They don’t notice any of a dozen things that plant people notice. I don’t know why. They just don’t, won’t, can’t, and there is no way to change this unless they become plant people. And that is a rare switch.

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