The book’s off to my…

The book's off to my agent. Eep.

Upcoming tasks:

  • SH:
    • Finish acknowledging SH fund drive donors (drive total: $2025!) Start giving out prizes. Send out remaining mugs and t-shirts.

  • Writing / Editing:
    • Print out a copy of book and submit it to the Drue Heinz Literature Prize.
    • Update submission info for short stories; send out as appropriate.
    • Catch up on TOR manuscripts.
    • Draft a web page describing TOR call and add to my site (should've done this months ago).

  • South Asian:
    • Set up a yahoogroups mailing list for the Chicago South Asian literary festival. Start planning discussion.
    • Send Nilofer comments on SAPAC web page.

  • SLF:
    • Draft proposal for Fountain Award anthology and send to Jim Frenkel
    • Write up SLF internal FAQ
    • Revisit SLF mentoring program
    • Start planning SLF membership drive (for June?)
    • Draft letter inviting name literary folks to join SLF board
    • register

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