Well, apparently I tried…

Well, apparently I tried to move our anniversary a few years ago, but it didn't take; I still think of May 1st as my default. So there it is, and here we are, twelve years down the road. In honor of today, I point you to the first poem I wrote about Kev (it's a mopey break-up piece, from way back in '92). From there, you can follow the links for quite a while. The poetry gets much better, so be patient with the early pieces. I recommend skimming.

Or, alternatively, you can start in the present, and follow the links backwards to when we first met. In either direction, it's a funny, oblique way to trace the history of a relationship, but as good as anything else I can think of.

Yesterday, when David and I were driving to Ian and El's, I was thinking about the house I used to live in, and how close I came to *not* moving to Utah to join Kevin, and how if David and I had managed to make things work, we could possibly even have bought that house, be living there now. Surreal, to suddenly get a glimpse of a different life you could have had.

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