Revised plan for today;…

Revised plan for today; finished another pass on "Oceans", pretty happy with story now, though it's gotten quite long (around 7K). Hope that's okay. Just had lunch; when David gets back from errands, will throw on gym clothes and go to gym. Didn't work out at all while at Jed's; bad Mary Anne. A little nervous about stepping on the scale. Ah well. Should be back here by 2-ish; shower and maybe do some laundry. Around 4, head into the city to meet Meriko, who has kindly offered to take a look at my laptop and see whether she can do anything about the Word crashing thing. Be back in time for dinner with Ian/El/munchkins.

It's gorgeous out, btw. I talked to Kevin last night and he said that it was cold in Chicago; that it might be freezing when I get back on Sunday. That's insane. Here it's bright and sunny and beautiful. Kevin better be nice to me when I get back to Chicago, or I might start seriously regretting leaving California. Again.

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