Okay, now I’m really…

Okay, now I'm really truly done with Silence. I hope. We've uploaded the files (interior and exterior) to Lightningsource, so the next step is that a proof copy will be generated, and sent to me in Chicago. Hopefully we can turn that around immediately and have copies in time for WisCon. If not, such is life, but it'd be really nice to have that book as well as my cookbook to sell as I spend the entire convention sitting at the dealer's room table. :-)

I do get a few breaks from the dealer's room to be on panels -- tentatively, I'll be on the following:

Saturday, 10:00-11:15 a.m.
Fishing in the Mainstream (Reading: The Art)
While both mundane and savvy readers remain oblivious to the fact, books filled with the fantastical or based on alternate history are garnering success and literary prizes. Two recent examples worth discussing: Booker Award winner "The Life of Pi" by Yann Martel and "1,000 White Women" by Jim Fergus.

Friday, 8:45-10:00 p.m.
Carl Brandon Society panel (Diversity)
What speculative fiction has been published this past year that deals with issues of race and ethnicity? What is being written (and read) by people of color? Come to this panel and find out more. Sponsored by the Carl Brandon Society.

Sunday, 10:30-11:45 p.m.
Slippery When Wet: F&SF Erotica for Sexual Eclectics (Gender And Sexuality)
Here's a look at speculative fiction erotica which explores turn-ons outside the mainstream: polyamory, power exchange, xenophilia, and the like. Examples would include Laurell K. Hamilton's Narcissus in Chains and Cecelia Tan's Circlet Press anthologies.

Good mix of the standard things I cover -- lit fic, ethnic stuff, sex. :-) My only sadness is that it looks like I'll miss the BU rapid-fire reading on Friday evening. Ah well...

In other news, completed final edits to Blowfish, incorporating one missing story that we found -- I still need to get a bio from that author, but otherwise, it's good to go. Slowly, we progress.

In other news, it's stunningly gorgeous here this morning. Sunny, crisp, cool. Just had half a poppyseed bagel with neufchatel cheese and some tea, finished reading a Cynthia Voight novel that Jed loaned me (I started with Dicey's Song, which was marvelous, and have compulsively been reading the rest of them for the last few days). I'm about to start working, and I'm feeling just blissfully happy. How lucky am I?

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  1. Oh I am feeling pretty good about making Wiscon (fingers crossed). The only problem I forsee that could happen is if the proof shows glitches. That would cost us a week.

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