Just a quick note that…

Just a quick note that the Strange Horizons fund drive is in its closing days; we only have until Friday to reach our total goal of $2000!

As you can see from the thermometer on site, we're up past $1400 -- $1510 exactly, to be precise, so a little less than $500 to go. SH has made every fund drive goal so far, and we hope this one won't be any different. If we manage to raise $2000 in this drive (to add to the $2000 in the last drive), we'll have made $4000 total in small donations, which is roughly a quarter of our annual budget (it used to be closer a third, but then we raised our fiction rates to 5 cents/word). Long-term, we hope to be primarily supported by small donations just like this, so that we no longer have to depend on massive chunks of money from a few kind individuals.

Strange Horizons is a volunteer-staffed magazine that relies on the support of the community that reads and enjoys it -- those who think we're doing a good thing by publishing professional fiction, poetry, art, and articles -- for free online, every week, for your reading pleasure. So far, we have a little more than 30 people donating in this drive; I'd like to see that number climb up past 50. So if you can give $5, or $10, or $25 (which is what most people gave, presumably since that's the amount that makes you a supporting member of Strange Horizons), or more -- please do stop by and consider donating. And remember, SH is a 501(c)3 non-profit, so your donation is tax-deductible. Thanks!

This has been a public service announcement. :-)

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