Argh. I want to write a…

Argh. I want to write a story today, and there just isn't time. I have a meeting at 6:30, and I've been so slack that I absolutely must go lift weights today (which eats up an hour and a half). So just with those two things, no story writing; I need a minimum of 4 hrs uninterrupted time. Tomorrow. I'm not scheduling anything for tomorrow.

Today, finish Blowfish, finish Silence, finish laundry, finish dishes. All these hanging projects and all this chaos is getting to me. Makes me fretful and cranky.

Did get my tailoring done yesterday, and it was immensely satisfying taking things in two dress sizes. (One dress size for losing weight, one size for buying overly-baggy clothes because I was self-conscious). I didn't go crazy with my wardrobe -- just did three dresses (and three things got hemmed too), since I'm hoping to lose more weight. But it's nice to have more clothes that fit now!

Good dinner afterwards with Kevin's colleague John and partner Vicky (and adorable baby Amelia). Simple but delicious -- roast duck tossed with fresh greens, bell pepper slices, and the nicest tomatoes I've had in a while. Guess good tomatoes are coming back into season, yay! I really need to get in the habit of eating more salads like this; I like them a lot, especially when made with yummy stuff like grilled salmon or shrimp, but they rarely occur to me as meals.

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