Jeez, I’m so dependent…

Jeez, I'm so dependent on this timeline; yay, David for making me put it together. I'm still finding minor errors, sadly, but they're all correctable so far. I've been reading accounts from women in post-independence Sri Lankan, right around 1948 -- I was thinking that was when the new story would be set, or just before, but when I went and looked at the dates again, it's clear that it needs to be earlier, pre-1942, when Samiksha would be starting at Oxford. What I'm not clear on now is at what point in the colonies they would have realized that something seriously bad was happening over in England. The Battle of Britain was was 1940 -- would it have been then? Earlier, later?

I think I want to set this story before all that breaks out (or when there are only vague rumblings).

Samiksha would just be at university in Colombo in 1939 (and be sixteen years old, one of just a very few girls there), and her parents can be thinking of whether to let her go abroad for further study when she finishes in a few years. (She's super-bright.) That seems plausible, that parents might think about that, that early, right? Or does that not make sense at all?

Btw, I'm pleased to see the convent that will appear prominently in this story (the one from "Sister Mary") has an extensive website, with photos and history. Excellent.

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  1. It makes sense. Women in America were taking postgraduate degrees, both at home and in Europe, as early as the 1880s. It wasn’t common, but it wasn’t unheard of.

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