I don’t know how many of…

I don't know how many of you follow the comments, but we're having a really interesting class discussion in this comments thread. Jed will be instituting a new tracking system for most recent comments soon, so that should help with this kind of thing.

Running around today -- I need to take some stuff to the post office, and go to the gym, and pick up my backpack from a cafe (where I forgot it several nights ago because I'm a dork), and possibly get up to Northwestern to hear Chip Delany give a lecture at 4:30. The timing may be a bit tight to manage that, though; it takes a good half hour just to get up there, never mind finding the right building and so on. We'll see. Chip and Sheree are on a panel Friday, but Karen's coming down Friday afternoon (yay!) to spend the night, so the panel timing probably won't work out. Is okay; I'm actually less interested in the reading/panel than I am in just seeing them, and I think their schedules are too tight to allow that this trip. Ah well.

The plot is starting to come together in bits and pieces on the new story; reading the Selvadurai is really helping place me in the right mental space.

Oh, shit -- I just remembered that I also have to file my taxes today. I'm almost certain that the government owes me money (rather than vice versa), but I'd better actually run the numbers and check before I try to do anything else today.

Kevin was virtuous and finished his part of the taxes last night. He owed the government quite a bit, which has now been paid, and which has wiped out our reserves for the nonce. Is okay; no home decorating projects for a few months, and we'll avoid eating out. We're still fine, especially since July/August, I should be able to live off the amount they're paying me to teach (especially since I'm planning on imposing on David and Jed rather than paying rent in the Bay Area).

We can even afford to keep going with the personal trainer, although as of last week, we've cut back to every other week. The plan is to do that through the end of June, and then cancel the gym membership and trainer for the months I'll be away, and then reassess when I get back in September. I'm usually absolutely horrible about diet and exercise while travelling, but I'm going to try to be better this time around. We'll see. I didn't actually lose any weight last week, which is a little disappointing. Have to be more careful about calorie-counting this week. Artichoke hearts on toast for lunch -- 50 cent meal, and about 200 calories. Yum.

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  1. Read the comments in the other thread and got halfway through posting something when I was suddenly struck by the creepy and kind of abusive-feeling nature of the dialogue–it’s like your weird anonymous person is demanding a performance out of you or something. It’s not a circumstance where I feel at all comfortable discussing my own class background or my feelings on same. Sorry.

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