I did promise you photos…

I did promise you photos of the finished bathroom, painted with Sherwin-Williams "Blueblood".

The seahorse and jellyfish photos are the ones I took at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, color-printed at Kinko's next door. The little cobalt glass shower hooks (Home Depot) are my compromise with my desire to have an entirely cobalt-blue bathroom, which would have been sadly too dark.

A $6 pewter switchplate from Restoration Hardware made a huge difference, and I love the spiral hooks from The Container Store.

I think what I like best about this bathroom (aside from the blue, which I love) is the mix of clean modern lines with my romantic medieval stuff.

Entire renovation, including new picture frames and towels (the most expensive items, but with such lovely Indian-looking embroidery), roughly $100. Good deal! Plus about ten total hours of painting, I think. :-) I'm still waffling on whether to paint those last bits of wood trim under the sink -- do you think that would look good in the blue of the walls?

2 thoughts on “I did promise you photos…”

  1. Ooh, it looks great. I especially like the shower hooks.

    I’d vote for leaving the wood unpainted. Natural(ish) wood is always a nice thing to see, and painting that kind of surface introduces a world of hassle down the road. Chipped paint, grungy paint, bits that are hard to paint over if you or other people want to change the colors, etc. I’d leave it neutral/natural and enjoy the warmth the brown adds.

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