Daylight Savings,…

Daylight Savings, America -- set your clocks. (Except for those weird bits of America that don't do it. :-)

Great dinner last night at the Grand Lux Cafe -- we ended up eating and talking until almost 1 a.m. So grateful to Nalo for telling me I'd like Larissa; I do! I wish I could hang out with her more today, but I promised to drive up to Deerfield for a local fan meeting; there's some discussion of bringing the Nebula banquet to Chicago next year. I'm not sure I'm strongly interested, but I suppose if it were here, I'd be a lot more likely to actually attend. :-) And I do want to make more connections with local fans, so there you are.

On the other hand, I also want to climb back into bed...

Meeting's at 11, hopefully won't go more than 2 hours, and I'll be back here by 2. Then, the writing. If I have energy, I'll try to redraft "Seven Cups". If not, then finish the minor revisions to the other stories. If very lucky, do both. We'll see how it goes.

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